pyLXD development is done on Github. Pull Requests and Issues should be filed there. We try and respond to PRs and Issues within a few days.

If you would like to contribute large features or have big ideas, it’s best to post on to the lxc-users list to discuss your ideas before submitting PRs.

Code standards

pyLXD follows PEP 8 as closely as practical. To check your compliance, use the pep8 tox target:

tox -epep8


pyLXD tries to follow best practices when it comes to testing. PRs are gated by Travis CI and CodeCov. It’s best to submit tests with new changes, as your patch is unlikely to be accepted without them.

To run the tests, you can use nose:

nosetests pylxd

…or, alternatively, you can use tox (with the added bonus that it will test python 2.7, python 3, and pypy, as well as run pep8). This is the way that Travis will test, so it’s recommended that you run this at least once before submitting a Pull Request.